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Ein Brief an die Community – Eliot

Hey Age Community!

It’s been an amazing journey over the last few years for the Age Franchise. From releasing Age of Empires III, and III Definitive Editions, to the next numbered title Age of Empires IV, to all the new civilizations added across multiple Expansion Packs – it’s never been a better time to be an Age fan!

I’ve been extremely lucky to be part of the Age Community as one of many Community Managers on the Age Franchise. I’ve seen you take on challenges, join in on celebrations, take over castles, and more – and in turn, you’ve taught me the fine art of proper farm placements.

However, as great as it’s been to spam 14s and 11s along with you, I have some personal news that I wanted to share with the greater Age community. I will be leaving my role at Relic Entertainment after this week, moving onto a new role that’s a step away from the Age Franchise.

It’s been an honor to be able to play a part in the greater Age Franchise, to help bring you Age of Empires IV, and support the other Age titles along the way. I wanted to say a special thank you to the community for taking me in and welcoming me on our Age streams, and the events to which I was fortunate to be invited, and meet some of you IRL.

So what does this mean for Age of Empires IV? You are in the very capable hands of the entire Age Community team, and many of you are familiar with my stream co-host and community manager, Grant. The game, and Age franchise as a whole, is in the amazing hands of World’s Edge, and has a very exciting road ahead. I can’t spoil anything, but I’m very excited for what’s coming for Age!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for letting me be a part of this amazing legacy, franchise, and community for the past 5 years.


Eliot “eLbotz” Hong

PS – Join us on stream as we do the last Road to Ranked series before I sign off – Freitag 13. Mai 2022 at 2:30PM PT on our Twitch channel!

Werden Sie zum Age-Insider!

Insider erhalten Zugang zu exklusiven Neuigkeiten, Updates und haben die Möglichkeit, Feedback zu zukünftigen Veröffentlichungen zu geben. Vorteile sind unter anderem:

  • Zugang zu privaten Foren, in denen Sie sich mit Age-Entwicklern austauschen können
  • die Möglichkeit, über Steam und den Windows Store an exklusiven Betaphasen teilzunehmen
  • Kanäle, um Feedback zu geben und somit langfristig die Qualität Ihrer Age-Lieblingstitel zu verbessern

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